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Beauty Junkie

I have listed the following list and products of my daily make up routine.

I get for some people this is too much make up or too much time consuming but this is what works for me.

I know, Make up junkie !!

Remember i am not a make up artist, i am just sharing what works for me...

As soon as i wake up, wash my face, i then add coconut oil all over my face (Dry Skin Girl)

I let it sit for 15 minutes until i have my coffee and then wash it off.

Then apply, morning cream, eye cream and sunblock (sunblock is very important, never skip it)

I then use primer and then i start contouring with my contour sticks

Important Note: I add concealer under my eyes - chin and my forehead ( Palm Tree as many know) and tap it with my beauty blender.

Then BLEND everything together.

Before i start working on the eyes shadows part and eyebrows, i make sure i applied translucent powder under my eyes.

Then let it BAKE.

Baking, also known as "cooking", is a make-up technique originally used in Drag, now popularised by celebrities and make-up artists. This technique includes applying a heavy amount of translucent powder under the eyes and on the high points of the face, including the 'T' zone, to set the base make-up.

I then finish the eye look by defining my brows.

Brush of the translucent powder and draw my lips.

Finally, add some lipstick and i am ready to go!

Click on the images below to shop the items in the photo!

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