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Creating My Signature Look

When you find a look that works for you, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it. Throughout my beauty journey, i learned the perfect brands and hacks that work for my skin.

In my twenties, i would always stare on Instagram Hollywood Celebrities.

Curious on how different brush textures and applicators can actually give you that "Kim Kardashian" Look.


Luckily, Mac Cosmetics was just around my street so i used to head there for some basic makeup classes (immature makeup classes) &

they taught me everything about "Contouring"

That was the beginning of my make up journey, i later went on purchasing the latest products (brushes, contour sticks, prime creams and etc) I added make up in my every day routine and although its pricey keeping up with all the products, it made me feel good.

With that in mind, i created my own look

"Signature Look".

Big Hair & Hollywood Glam Makeup

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