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Magic Facial Roller

Not only is the product beautiful, it also feels incredible gliding across my face.

I'll pop it into the fridge an hour before using so it's nice and cool for application. Add some Clarifying Facial Oil by "Kylie skin", apply a single drop each morning and evening to face.

It instantly helps de-puff my face, which makes it both feel and look more alive and bright than before.

Facial Roller helps support lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.

A beauty ritual since ancient times in China, dating all the way back to the 7th century, facial rolling is relaxing and de-stressing.

Physically, it helps to firm the look of skin through gentle massage, and aids in supporting the lymphatic system, the body's main major detoxification system.


  • Metaphysically, it brings peace and harmony, and is known to help reduce stress

  • Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles

  • Aids the absorption of skincare products

  • Vegan & cruelty-free


Begin rolling by starting at the center of the face, under the eyes and cheekbones, moving out toward the hairline in short, gentle strokes.

Move to the jawbone, working in short strokes, starting at the chin, and moving out toward the bottom of the ears.

Next, roll above the eyebrows and forehead in an out and up motion.

Use the smaller roller around the eyes and take extra care in this area.

To end, very gently roll down the sides of the neck and then toward the center of the clavicle.

For an extra cooling and soothing sensation, place in the refrigerator or on ice

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