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Favourite Delicious Bar

What a simple idea for a post, right? Well, sometimes simple can be the most helpful and delicious.

Today, I’m going to share with you my top one favourite bar, yet healthy, snack bar, and why I like it.

Nothing gifted, nothing sponsored.

I pick these out at the grocery store because I like them.

My favourite bar - Dark chocolate with cranberries and macadamia


Wholesome stuff, mix it together and bake it into

bars and cereals. Whole nuts. Juicy dried fruit. Wholegrain's and seeds.

Maybe a bit of chocolate or yoghurt here and there…and that’s it.

According to the website, this dark and luxurious bar is a real treat that packs enough fruit and nuts to keep your conscience clear.

Fat sultanas, creamy macadamia nuts and crispy puffed rice mixed in with shreds of coconut. The real stars are bright and shiny cranberries – fresh-flavoured and sharp –and our generous undercoating of dark chocolate.

The deep cocoa flavour will satisfy any serious chocoholic. Indulgent and complex.

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