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Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

When the calendar starts to creep into September and the temps begin their annual descent that’s when I’m ready!  I’m ready to nest and I’m ready to add that cozy feeling to my home with the rich, warm colours and textures of fall.

2020 has obviously thrown a lot at us through spring and summer. It feels like it just keeps coming, doesn’t it? So many stressful situations. Whatever changes and decisions you’ve had to make, or have yet to make, whatever new normal you are trying to process or navigate, you’re doing the best you can! That’s all we can do. Give yourself grace, lady. It’s hard, but many changes can lead to beautiful things, too.

Kitchen Table Ideas
Living Room or Office Space Decor
Dinner Table Ideas
Coffee Table Ideas
Add small details to spice the mood

We all know that when it comes to fall decorating, pumpkins are our go-to project idea for bringing that autumn feel to any room, porch or  garden. But it doesn’t have to be that same old jack o’lantern, and it doesn’t have to be just about Halloween. Pumpkins are a part of the harvest,  and should be celebrated as part of the fall bounty in our homes.

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