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Luxembourg is a small European country, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany.

Luxembourg is as cosmopolitan as it is locals with people from around the globe drawn to the city. Such diversity has seen Luxembourg become a place of endless possibilities.

Although, its been two years since i moved here, Luxembourg doesn't stop to amaze me.

Discover the city of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is full of history, brimming with artistic and cultural treasures just waiting to be visited, full of attractions and magical spots just waiting to be discovered,

See a film at a French cinema? No problem. Brunch at a Greek bakery? Dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant?

Take your pick!

It’s not just food where Luxembourg has benefited from diversity – over the years diversity has helped to drive creativity, making the capital an international leader in a variety of fields.

below you can find my favourite spots...

The capital city, just like other cities, are full of surprises – The Philharmonie Luxembourg, The Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, and of course Palais Grand-Ducal are my favourite. Cycling through Parcs de la Pétrusse, or taking a walk to Kaltreis Park these are all following activities revealing a softer side in Luxembourg, but a side that’s no less exciting, especially during the summer months.

The food will knock your socks off

French cuisine might be the punchline of some jokes, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Luxembourg has to offer.

Delicious restaurants, tasty street food, and experimental dishes in quirky settings all contribute french constantly evolving, global cuisine.

That’s not to say you can’t get a traditional french crepe or boeuf bourguignon – which is not for the calorie conscious- just head to a traditional cafe for your taste of French/Luxembourgish cuisine.

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