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Weekend Ideas on the West Side

Depending on your personality type, you may feel an urge to spend Saturdays lazing around the house or working frantically to prepare for the upcoming week. But surely there are better ways to spend the day, like going to the park or anything outdoors.

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Here are some outdoors activities during the pandemic:

Go for a hike. Get a map of the area and mark all the trails you'd like to complete in a given season.

Go for a bike ride. Choose a nearby town and head out for a ride. Reward yourself with coffee or lunch once you reach your destination. Or visit your local bike shop and see if there's a group you can ride with.

Organize a picnic. Commit to eating dinner outside every weekend (weather permitting). Choose different scenic locations each week.

Set an athletic goal and train on Sundays Have you dreamed of biking a certain distance, running a marathon, or getting serious about climbing? Make Saturda your training day.

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