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  • Miss Izabella Ellinas

LASIK - Eye Surgery Experience

I have been struggling with my eyesight since i was five years old.

Wearing glasses and eye contacts has always been a big issue of mine.

Over the years my eyesight has dramatically increase at a point where i wasn't comfortable anymore.

My prescription was strong -8.0 in each eye with a slight astigmatism.

Finally i took the big decision to get LASIK eye surgery done.

So here is my personal experience with LASIK eye surgery and my recovery....

I don’t think anyone is comfortable when going into surgery, so admitting I was afraid is nothing surprising.

However, the doctors and nurses were so kind, they made me feel comfortable.

Choosing a great doctor is one of the most important steps, you must feel confident and comfortable before entering any hospital.

Any way ,the surgery went smoothly and to be honest i don't remember much, just me praying on repeat.

I was instructed to take a 2-4 hour nap to help my eyes heal.

This is definitely something you don’t want to skip because you want to keep your eyes closed.

As soon as i woke up from my nap, i could clearly see everything.

My vision was back!

Today, its been my 4th day of recovery and i honestly feel great. During my 7 days of recovery, i need to continue using my prescription drops (4 times a day) and avoid water on my face.

It’s still crazy to me to think I got eye surgery.

To sum up

Choosing the best doctor is everything!!

LASIK eye surgery is not painful !!

Recovery is not painful !!

Everything is checking out perfectly !!!

I hope you found this post helpful.

Let me know if you have questions

Happy to answer or share more details.

My doctor is: Dr Ioannides Laser Eye Clinic, he is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

I strongly recommend him !!!

*Shoutout to my friend Joanna for being my support during this experience.

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