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When you find a look that works for you, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it. Throughout your beauty journey, you’ll learn to perfect and subtly adjust your technique along the way.


  1. Face Primer with pearly sheen

  2. Medium coverage liquid matte foundation

  3. Concealer for your under eye area, if you want

  4. Face Powder

  5. Warm pinkish mauve powder blush

  6. Peachy tan bronzer

  7. Matte lipstick

  8. Reddish brown lip liner


  1. Brow gel, either clear or a colour that matches your brows

  2. Two powder eyeshadows: a warm reddish brown powder eyeshadow

  3. A warm reddish brown eyeliner, ideally something creamy which you can buff out and blend

  4. Mascara


  1. Smudge brush

  2. Fluffy angled eyeshadow brush

  3. Blush brush

  4. Flat eyeshadow brush (or, you can just use a finger)

  5. Something to blend your foundation (BeautyBlender)

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