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Thankful For...

This Christmas, I hope you found lots to be thankful for!

It’s nice to have a special day of the year to spend with family and recognize that we have a lot to be happy for, and for many, it’s one of the happiest times of year.

So today, I chose to make a list...

My fiancé:When God told me I just have to wait because he's gonna give me the best,

He really meant the very best.

Our health because not a day goes by that I don’t count our lucky stars that we are all currently healthy. It is insane how quickly tables can turn with health so any day that passes where we are healthy I am beyond grateful.

Thankful for my family members and friends. Always supporting me

Thankful for my dogs

Gods Love: Without Him, I am nothing. Without His grace, I am nowhere to be found.

All the amazing travels we got to do over the years. We saw a lot of really beautiful places that I will remember forever!

I am thankful for living in countries full of creative minds and opportunities. Both Cyprus and Luxembourg.

My creative platform: I sometimes underestimate my capacity to be creative but I surprise myself when I deliver things and my clients are happy.

PR Packages: It makes me really happy when the bell rings and a package arrives. I'm thankful for the trust these brands are giving me.

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